Acta Orientalia Vilnensia

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Special theme: The literary construction of place as a form of religious and social commentary in Asia

James M. Hegarty. Introduction: Toward an old understanding of philology: Exploring the literary construction of place as religious and social commentary in Asia [PDF]

Alan Williams. The literary re-placement of ‘Iran’ in India: The Qeṣṣe-ye Sanjān of the Zoroastrian ‘Persians’ (Parsis) [PDF]

Adheesh Sathaye. How to become a Brahman: The construction of vara as social place in the Mahābhārata’s legends of Viśvāmitra [PDF]

McComas Taylor. Perfumed by golden lotuses: Literary place and textual authority in the Brahma- and Bhāgavatapurāas [PDF]

Travis L. Smith. Re-newing the ancient: The Kāśīkhaṇḍa and Śaiva Vārāasī [PDF]

Naomi Appleton. A place for the Bodhisatta: The local and the universal in jātaka stories [PDF]

Ulrike Roesler. A palace for those who have eyes to see: Preliminary remarks on the symbolic geography of Reting (Rwa-sgreng) [PDF]

Max Deeg. Mapping common territory—mapping other territory [PDF]

Book reviews

Audrius Beinorius. Imagining Otherness: Postcolonial Perspective to Indian Religious Culture (Daiva Tamošaitytė) [PDF]

Linnart Mäll. Studies in the Aṣṭasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā and other Essays (Vladimir Korobov) [PDF] 

Isabella Nardi. The Theory of Citrasūtras in Indian Painting. A critical re-evaluation of their uses and interpretations (Valdas Jaskūnas) [PDF]

Franklin c. Southworth. Linguistic archaeology of South Asia (Leonid Kulikov) [PDF]

AOV exchange programme [PDF] 

Guidelines for contributors [PDF]